1100 Broadway

1100 Broadway was a new mixed use building in downtown Oakland. There was a large bike locker for tenants that needed to be featured with an impactful piece of art. I designed an abstracted version of the iconic Oakland tree to be rendered with various size bike gears.

Detail of the gears installed onto the wall.

In addition to the final concept, I developed other directions featuring abstract sculptures referencing bicycle frame construction.

Deconstructed bikes laid out in a repeated pattern.

An homage to Picaso's bull sculpture, featuring different seats and handlebars to appeal to a diversity of cyclists and a subtle finish change revealing the word "RIDE". Each handlebar would be wrapped in reflective handlebar tape to give an irridecent and intimidating look as cars pass at night.

Abstract typography made from bike wheels that would be filled with multicolored spokes. This would reveal the word "RIDE" from some angles but showcase a colorful hit of bike parts from others.

And a clean mounting of stylish bikes with a large quote as you enter the storage locker.

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